SCENE | Fairfield County, Connecticut, 1949.

SCENE | Fairfield County, Connecticut, 1949.Photos of Fairfield County residents by Nina Leen for LIFE, 1949.
Nina Leen, one of LIFE Magazine's most prolific photographers, was one of the publication's first camerawomen. A few years ago The New Yorker argued that her photos were intensely layered. An interesting opinion given how bucolic this series looks at first glance.

"Though many of...

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Stylish Spaces: Space Rugs

Stylish Spaces: Space RugsStylish Spaces: Space RugsStylish Spaces: Space RugsStylish Spaces: Space RugsStylish Spaces: Space Rugs
I don't think these will fit with in the tiny home in my immediate future, but maybe one day I'll have the space for rugs by Schonstaub. I really like how the site styles the rugs with more basic housewares. Even if you indulge in the nebula rug of your dreams your home can be chic rather than reminiscent of a Elementary school...

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Outfit: Mellow Yellow

Outfit: Mellow YellowOutfit: Mellow Yellow
I somehow resisted the coordinate trend all summer only to fall for it now months after the trend peaked. This retro skirt suit reminds me of vintage flight attendants which is always a good association--they always look so glamorous in old photographs. And I'm quite happy I can take a few style notes from the past without having to adopt other...

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4 Makeup Primers That Actually Work

Must-Have Primers

Primers have always been sort of  a mystery to me. I have a hard time believing that they will make my skin perfect by reducing redness, shine, and acne, all while helping to make my makeup last longer.

However, after a year or two of experimenting, I’ve found a bunch that work, and today I’ll be discussing four of my favorite makeup...

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Beauty: Birthday Face

Beauty: Birthday FaceBeauty: Birthday FaceBeauty: Birthday Face
It's my birthday later this week so I decided to experiment with a new beauty look. I was inspired to give myself star freckles by Valfre's artwork. Because if there's any day you can get away with wearing ridiculous makeup it is your birthday! I really like how this turned out so I'll definitely do it again.
Beauty how to: I began with my this

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